Who are Chandler Macleod?

Founded in 1959, Chandler Macleod was built on psychometric assessment of employees and candidates, to ensure the best possible people were employed. Now over sixty years on, Chandler Macleod has diversified to provide some of the largest companies and organisations in the region with a range of products and services, which together, provide clients with an end to end human resources solution. Chandler Macleod are based in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore which means they have ample resources available for all clients within these areas. Chandler Macleod partner with customers to plan for strategic advantage to source the right talent, assess their organisation and people, develop their workforce and finally, assist in managing personnel.

What do they do?

With over 1,000 internal employees and 20,000 employees out working on client sites, the Chandler Macleod Group is one of the region’s largest employers – so we know what it takes to recruit, select and retain the best people. In fact, everything we do relates to unleashing potential in people and companies; from providing today’s career opportunities to planning, measuring and managing the workforces of tomorrow.