Kathryn Wilson

Executive General Manager

Kathryn became the EGM of Aurion in 2017, having joined in 2014 as General Manager of Client Services, responsible for our client facing services teams including BPOS, Professional Services, and Quality & Performance.

As EGM, Kathryn is responsible for positioning the Aurion business as the HRIS product and service of choice for new and existing clients. And as the Aurion business moves into the next phase of growth and profitability, Kathryn will drive Aurion's culture of continuous improvement, providing quality products with purpose, as well as affordable service options that allow clients to ‘make complex things simple.

Sharing success as a team is key in Kathryn's role She ensures the team at Aurion understands and appreciates the very valuable and critical contribution they each make in delivering Aurion's family of product and services.