Harden the Cup Up Day is an annual event championed by Chandler Macleod Group and our business, customers and staff.

We believe that every small action counts, and our combined efforts can make a difference.

Disposable coffee cups (and food containers) are a significant problem for our environment and our key goal in launching the Harden the Cup Up campaign is to educate and inspire change above and beyond our own organisational walls.


Chandler Macleod Group in Australasia’s largest talent solutions organisations comprising of over 7 different companies supplying valuable solutions for finding, enhancing, assessing and managing talent and systems. But we are more than simply a large organisation. We are here for the people; we believe in unleashing the potential of each and every candidate and organisation we come into contact with. We also believe we are uniquely poised to have a significant impact on sociological challenges in our industries including Diversity, Neurodiversity and Equality. Equally, we can see the impact we are able to have by increasing awareness about our impact on the environment. Our companies include:


At Chandler Macleod Group, we recognise that in order to reduce our waste footprint we need more companies to follow suit. We are glad to be able to partner with some of these diverse brands:


  • We know ditching the disposable cups during the pandemic is harder said than done.
  • Here are some solutions to encourage you to continue the war on waste:
  • - Having your coffee/tea at home in a cup or mug

  • - Visit a local café and have your coffee/tea inside

  • - If using a disposable cup is unavoidable, follow instructions on how to properly recycle the item

  • - Ask your local café if you can use your keep cup


Want to join us and inspire change in your organisation and beyond? We’ve created a range of handy resources including email signatures, posters, social media images and more! All you need to do is download the resources!

Don’t forget to share what you’ve been up to using the hashtag #hardenthecupup

Downloadable resources here>>

Join Us for Harden the

Cup Up Day

Wednesday November 25th

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